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Leo Daily Horoscope for December 24

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Tonight will be very special. No one will be able to take their eyes off you because of your elegance and unique magnetism. This will boost your self-esteem and Christmas spirit will fill the air. Your sense of humour and joy will spread to everyone around you.

You’re at your best and you’ll have more than one romantic proposal throughout the day. Don’t refuse any invitations without giving it a second thought, you might regret it later!

One of your friends needs you around today, listen to their cry for help, you’ll feel great after helping them overcome their difficulties.

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Avoid anything that has to do with money today. If possible, close your agenda and get away from obligations and work issues for the day. You deserve a break and many Christmas arrangements still need to be taken care of.

Everyone has lots of expenses today but you’ll be able to save Christmas without going broke.

Your creativity will help you do magic and make beautiful gifts for the loved ones.

You’ll feel very fortunate today, Leo, your life is surrounded by beauty and plenty.

Today luck is on your side and the Universe will help your wish come true if you link it to number 144.


Christmas dinners tend to be abundant and varied, and normally people get out of control eating and drinking. However, for you, Leo, the problem lies in the amount of salt and not the food you’re going to eat tonight.

Remember that the night of wonders might become the night of fright and discomfort if you don’t take care of your kidneys and blood pressure.

In order to keep the renal system healthy and clean, drink a lot of liquid. Adding parsley with its diuretic properties to your dinner will help you, too.