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In all long-term love relationships, there's a moment when we have to give in somehow. Today you will have to do something for your partner although that means giving up your plans or getting by without showing certain emotions or feelings. 

It looks as though the person you share your life with is going to receive bad news and they are going to need you by their side, so prepare your best weapons to make their day easier.

Preparing their favorite food or giving them a little gift can be a great way of helping them feel better, but nothing will be better than talking to them so that they realize they have your support. 


You can't live looking at your phone all the time. Real life doesn't go around what is published or not in social media, so stop idealizing other people's lives. 

It seems that you have recently discovered a new function in your phone that makes you have it with you all the time. In fact, you continuously press the screen looking for some notification that tells you about what people are doing. 

You should focus on your obligations and not waste time sitting on the sofa connected to your smartphone all day. You have millions of things to do that you can't postpone. Get your act together and make your day a productive one, Leo. 


You are worried about the effects that sudden changes of temperature have on your body in an obsessive way. It's essential that you listen to your own body and you don't let yourself get influenced so much by weather conditions. 

Moving from an environment where the temperature is pleasant to one that is too cold or too hot could actually harm your health, but this time you might be exaggerating, although anyone thinks it's your way of justifying the laziness caused by the idea of leaving home.