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Leo Daily Horoscope for December 25

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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It’s a good day to shine and feel great! You know things couldn’t get any better. You’ll be surrounded by great people and able to enjoy a wonderful day. You’ll be grateful for everything life has given you. Lately, you’ve been feeling loved and cherished; why not show gratitude to your significant other by declaring your love or making a gift?

You’ve been having a good run and you feel that your accumulated experience is finally paying off. You’ve learnt to recognise what’s really good for you, avoiding toxic people and negative situations they cause.

You feel you’ve discovered the secret how to live your life in harmony.

If you’re single, you’ll find lots of peace and emotional security with a person you’ve been out with lately. You could arrange another get-together. You won’t regret it.

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You’re about to get some surprising news which will be very positive for your family and your loved ones.  

It’s not appropriate for you to feel jealous of others’ success, Leo. You know you’re capable of higher achievements. Don’t depreciate yourself: envy doesn't suit the winners.

Don’t get distracted, today there’s a possibility of losing your wallet with all your documents and it would take a lot of time and patience to do all that paperwork again.


You may have indigestion because of that abundant and messy dinner, which you've eaten like there’s no tomorrow, pushing the limits of calories, sugar, fats and alcohol.

This afternoon have some chamomile, mint or star anise tea that will help you improve your digestion.

If you haven’t been going to the gym lately, you should take up exercise today. Keep on exercising and make it a part of your routine again.

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