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Relationships with you are very intense and special and today you are going to have the chance to show it as you are going to live a magical night. It's essential for you to enjoy complicity and intimacy with your partner, so today you are going to feel lucky. 

Those Leos that are single will also have the opportunity of enjoying these feelings with someone they know or someone they have just met. 

It seems as though that person is starting to awaken some very positive feelings in you, don't be scared and let yourself be carried away by everything the stars have ready for you.


All those changes that the stars of the Magic Horoscope predicted are starting to become real little by little. Today, you are going to be able to put an end to a financial problem that you had been dragging for ages, for example, a debt or payment you were waiting to receive. 

From now on, you will be able to see how some things happen that will make the state of your bank account to stabilize. It's the beginning of a time when you can take a breather, without worrying so much about the economy.


There are people that have the ability to attract whatever they fear most. In the same way in which we send positive energies to the universe, these aren't returned in the form of good news, when we sent negative energies the opposite happens.

This means that if you have been worrying too much about getting ill, your body will show some symptoms that will make that thought, a reality. You have to work on mental control a bit more, or you'll end up attracting all kind of tragedy.