Leo Forecast for November 26

Prediction for Monday
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You love conquests, and that's why you are delighted with the moments you have experienced the last few days. 

Love is in the air, and you're not willing to let that go unnoticed: you've decided to enjoy your relationship to the fullest and unleash your most passionate instincts without remorse.

This atmosphere will continue being present in your life for the next days, so don't worry because you still have a lot of fun ahead. 

In fact, the position of the stars draws an ideal scene to live new experiences and show all those wishes you have kept hidden. 


Putting an end to a toxic relationship at work will also put an end to a lot of difficulties you have to face every day, such as those problems that you don't know where they come from and end up complicating your day at work a lot.

It seems as though there isn't a very good relationship with a colleague you collaborate with, perhaps because he or she is a person with an opposite character to yours, or because they don't agree in the way you do some tasks. 

In any case, this Monday you will have the opportunity to work with another colleague, and you might not notice any difference between one and other. 

If you don't like who you have next to you, and you don't know whether to tell your bosses or not, you can do it without a problem because the stars foresee that you will receive a favorable answer. 


Avocado is a fruit that is becoming more and more popular because of the multiple benefits for the body. Among others, it's good food for the heart because it helps to keep a healthy level of cholesterol, but that also benefits sight, prevents osteoporosis, and improves digestion, among many others. 

You can try including this food to your diet more frequently, it could be for dinner or breakfast and why not, also for lunch.