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Leo Daily Horoscope for December 27

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Since the early morning you might be tempted to see the mote in your brother's eye, but not the beam in your own.

You know that if you insist on looking for defects, you’ll find some. The love of your life is not a superhero. Your significant other is made of flesh, just like you, Leo.

Don’t ask for miracles or heroic acts, you’ll only hurt their self-esteem and you don’t really want to do that.  

Don’t pay attention to any gossip and don’t worry if you notice that someone’s spying on your social networks. No one can hurt you as long as you stand strong and protect yourself.

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A great day is awaiting you. Enjoy your well-deserved reward. Today your achievements will finally be recognized. You have been honest, optimistic and brave in every step of the project and the results are obvious.   

All your hard work is finally paying off.

This is what happens when you pay attention to detail and act with optimism on a daily basis. Don’t get upset by those who criticize you, enjoy your winnings and give space to the necessary adjustments.

Make a choice between being empowered or upset by people’s envy and negative energy.


You have to shake off the envy and negative energy people have given off through their malicious thoughts and stares. To liberate yourself and recover your shining energy you should perform a ritual of spiritual cleansing.

Magic Horoscope suggests you some rituals that could benefit you: get a lucky Hindu elephant charm, you can take it with you in your pocket, have it on your work desk or behind your house door. This lucky charm helps positive energy flow in your environment and brings fortune and good health.


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