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Leo Forecast for September 27

Prediction for Thursday
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If you share your life with another person, he or she is going to test your nerves several times throughout the day. You're not going to find yourself in situations where there are serious arguments, as long as you know how to bite your tongue.

It's improbable that you can understand that a relationship that is at a point where yours is can still irritate you so much and that you doubt about your future together, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

It seems that again, the lunar influence on your regent star is going to confuse you a little and generate restlessness. If you get away from the arguments and try to control your nerves so as not to react negatively, you will be able to weather the situation and get out of this delicate day for love.


Having a job related to your studies will give you a better quality of life than the one you have now. However, when you decide to sacrifice this for the sake of comfort, you go into contradiction with yourself.

This can overwhelm you, Leo. Although you value and you like some advantages from your current job, like for example timetables or the short distance from home, from time to time, you'll be assaulted by thoughts that will lead you to think that you are throwing overboard all the sacrifice you made in the past.

Whether or not to accept this kind of life is your decision. If you're really determined to go on like this, you'd better learn how to deal with that feeling of frustration that comes along from time to time. 


Your hair and your nails aren't at their best and this makes you want to do something about it. Going to the hairdresser's and/or the beauty salon could be enough to solve the problem, but it will happen again if you don't attack the problem at its root.

You need to watch what you eat and include foods that have the nutrients and the vitamins that your hair and your body need. Brewer's yeast, for example, works quite well with everything that has to do with hair issues. Nails require a good dose of biotin for them to look perfect. 

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