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The love stories that end up in a stable and lasting relationship have to have some ingredients that are necessary for them to start building. 

You can analyze what the relationship you are living with that person you've just met is like, classify it and put a name to it depending on how the different situations you have lived together have been happening.

If you stop to think about it, you might discover that you're missing an indispensable element, such as that spark that makes your encounters truly memorable or that you even have the feeling that the other person isn't being transparent with you. 


Assuming new tasks can take you to some setbacks that could give you some headaches. During this Sunday you are going to feel more stressed than what you had planned.

If you have to manage some preparations for a family event or a working matter, you are going to find it difficult to agree with everyone in your points of view, what can lead you to some tense situations.

When you make decisions that affect a group of people, it's normal that some opinions are different from yours and that you can't answer to requirements from everyone. A concept that you'll have to prioritize and make them understand before telling people what to do. 


Your body is not always stable, and it doesn't react in the same way. It's not something that is static, it's going to change with time, and it adapts better or worse to the changes that happen around it.

In the same way that if you do sport, you manage to change your shape, carrying out a series of activities will often determine the development of your body on one side or the other. However, it's not something you get overnight.

This means that if you really want to see yourself better, you must be more consistent and practice that sport more frequently. As you've heard more than once: no pain, no gain.