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The future of a relationship can only be decided by the two members that form it, a statement you haven't seemed to take any notice of. 

Some problems or concerns that you have regarding your relationship might appear because you are listening to people around you and not to what you feel and think. 

When you are comfortable in a situation, you don't need anyone to indicate you the steps you need to follow. This also happens in relationships. If you go asking others for help or advice, it might be because you want to change something that you don't dare to do on your own. 


Getting to work late is something you can't stand and this week it's happening more often than you would want to. The reason could be you feel exhausted, but it's also because of external facts.

Breakdowns in public transport, if you use it to get to your company every day, are a major reason to justify your delay. However, on your economic outlook, the stars also visualize the arrival of a significant expense that could be related to your means of transport.

Check your car and make sure that everything is in perfect condition as it could be about to break down. There is also the possibility that your usual means of transport may undergo some kind of alteration, a circumstance that may generate extra expenses.


Sooner or later the time to make a change in your timetable will come. The lack of sleep or not having a more or less fixed timetable to rest will end up taking its toll on you and creating a severe imbalance in your body that will cause you all kinds of discomfort.

Try finding a moment of peace in which you can create your own timetable. Changing the time you exercise or the moment of the day when you dedicate to cleaning the house, could be more than enough to start making a new pace of life that is better for you.