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Leo Magic Horoscope for September 29

Daily Prediction for Saturday
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The distant and independent attitude of that person that you are getting to know is playing a dirty trick on you, and it only confuses you. It seems that they haven't realized what you are trying to transmit to her, although your face shows so much tiredness. 

Today you can't deny that you have that pessimistic vision of the future of the relationship and it's getting stronger and stronger every day.

These days you think about your current situation, and you go from one extreme to the other, from excitement to disappointment in a matter of seconds. And you think about why you didn't act as you felt at some point in the past. 


As in love, opportunities also come without prior notice. Maybe some situation arising from chance will suddenly change your work situation, and you'll be able to enjoy that respite you want so much.

The arrival of a new month is always specially marked for everyone in the world. In your case, the economic situation that you live in now seems to take on a different meaning, because you really value what you achieve with so much effort. 

About this new month, remember that not everything in life is planned and that from one day to another, things can change radically.


Try focusing more on things, because today you are especially distracted.

In many Leos, clumsiness is something casual that is due to the intensity with which they live every day, and that makes them go very fast, without paying attention to details. 

Today, beware of every step you take so that nothing like tripping over or an accidental blow end up happening because it would ruin your weekend. 

Your organism is in an unstable period, and you might feel more tired than usual. Excesses aren't good, and you may be forcing your physical abilities too much: relax a bit.


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