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It's clear that it's always one of the two who sets the distance between both of them. Or do you accept dates with everyone, no matter if you feel attracted to them or not?

In the same way when choosing a partner, that you feel sure and convinced that is the person you're interested in getting to know and not the other one, you should be convinced when expressing your feelings when they are not the same as the feelings of the other person. 

Get your act together, because you're trying to avoid that person by being kind, and you're getting the opposite effect. Cut your losses as soon as possible, or you'll end up finding yourself with a group of mariachis on your doorstep. 


Effort and money can be two important things to achieve business success, but realizing that these aren't the only requirements can discourage you a bit. 

If you're thinking of starting your own business project, be careful because your impulses might end up playing a dirty trick on you. In fact, if it's possible, you should leave this aside for a while because it's not the best moment for making significant investments. 

In the case that you are trying to handle more than what you can, the best thing to do is to think about the situation. No matter how ambitious you are, what will be hard for you is to wake up the next day. 


Resting is sometimes more effective than any medical remedy. If you're starting to feel more tired than usual, you're probably beginning to contract some kind of illness or infection.

When you're about to saturate yourself or feel like you're overdoing it, stop. With a few minutes of disconnection, a cup of coffee or tea you'll see that everything around you improves.