Leo Horoscope for 3 October

Your Forecast for Wednesday
- Love
- Money
- Health
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A smile, an approvement gesture or even a hug at the right time is a significant gesture for Leos that are single, a detail that they'll know how to appreciate and value and that it will make them feel comforted these days of confusion and little success in the sentimental plane. 

No matter how confident you may be and that attitude that allows you to see things positively almost every day, the truth is that today your main concern will be to find that something you need to feel completely happy.

It seems as if you are waiting for something that you want but that doesn't seem to arrive. An unexpected detail, listening to the right words... even if you still don't know what you're looking for, don't worry: you can be sure that as soon as you receive it, you'll know.


You need to feel more valued at work, and today, you're happy to know that your expectations have been fulfilled. You can say goodbye to that lack of security that you had. 

The following days will be days full of positive energy at work that will make everything go perfectly well.  Without any problems at sight and much work ahead, you have in front of you the perfect moment to run faster and overtake your competitors.


A complication related to a health problem of one of your relatives is going to change your plans completely, and it will make you feel nervous, and it's going to ruin your afternoon. 

Unforeseen events are something we have to count on, and even if receiving the news makes you think that you don't know how to act in a situation like this, you can be confident that, in the end, you are going to perform perfectly well.