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When you are single and without commitment -or intention to commit to someone- you're like a weathercock: you guide yourself by the direction of the wind, or, in other words, by your instincts.

In times like these, it is difficult to predict the direction your life and relationships will take because they are entirely subject to this impulsive character of yours. You don't allow yourself to be influenced by anyone and sometimes you are too independent.

Be careful because if you keep doing and undoing as you please without anyone else, you may end up in trouble. Feelings may be respected, Leo, don't let your ego make you believe you are a kind of superior species that is above good and evil.


The payment of the rent, the mortgage or the car fee are starting to be your worst nightmare. It might be time to renegotiate your debts or to try and change some concessions from the contract.

Finding a mediator or someone to defend your interests in this area should become a priority for you, Leo, unless you are professionally dedicated to this sector. In the next few days, you're going to have to lower some fees, so you'd better be prepared in advance.

Remember that the way you manage your money is what will make you have more or less cash. Sometimes, not being able to worry about the economic plane is not a question of spending less, but of managing our profits better.


Flues and colds are going to be commonplace between the people around you and, in this context, you are going to look for the way of running away from catching something.

It's a good moment to carry out an integral change in your body, both physically and spiritually, because of the position of the stars in relation to your sign is in a favorable place for this kind of processes. Fill your body up with energy and look after it so that your health is stronger than ever.