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Leo Daily Prediction for 30 September

Sunday’s Leo Forecast
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Having a partner that everyone adores can only make you feel one way, Leo: entirely out of place and jealous. Today you'll have to control that negative side of your personality and, above all, repress the desire to compete that characterizes you so much.

It seems that you feel a bit threatened, not only because it's not you who receives the praises but because,  in your opinion, there are people that are trying to take advantage of the person you love. 

Be careful because the fact of showing yourself so possessive and mistrustful can end up getting you away from some people, and this has already happened to you in the past. 


You have the most orderly and realistic foresight when it comes to managing your earnings. However, you don't always comply with your own plans and end up administrating yourself in a totally opposite way.

With the arrival of the month of October you'll have to work to be more consequent and strict, Leo. You're going to have a lot of expenses that you'll have to face, and you won't be able to fulfill all of them if you don't organize yourself properly. 

If you plan yourself well, you won't have to worry about anything. If you don't, you and your family will have to get ready to tighten your belt. 


As much as you appreciate and value your lonely moments, the truth is that you are a person that needs to be surrounded by people. When you spend a lot of time without seeing your friends or enjoying some social activity, you get more sensitive and even a bit boor. 

On the other hand, you also need to feel valued and admired, an aspect that lately seems to shine for its absence. For you, flattery is like a source of energy that fills you with positive energy.

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