Leo Prediction for 31 October

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There's no better place in the world than the arms of the person you love. In this last day of the month, you'll reconcile with yourself and put your feelings in order thanks to the support of that someone you love so much.

In November you'll see how some of your desires in love matters can become real, especially that objective that can make your life in a relationship change completely. 

Patience is a virtue, but it's also a key factor to fulfill your dreams. Don't let yourself get carried away by impulses, making a false move can be a big mistake. 


If there's nothing written on tastes, you'll be the living proof of it. You'll have to show your most versatile side today because you'll have a lot of tasks to fulfill. 

The position of the stars concerning your sign for today reveals that it's very likely that you will have to face some unexpected and adverse situations, but nothing that you can't overcome with a little effort.

For you, work is an essential part in your life; it's something you value a lot because it allows you to develop and today you'll have the opportunity to overcome new challenges, and this is something that you love. 


There is a direct relationship between the positions we adopt and the effects they have on our emotions. For example, the posture of the back, the position of the shoulders and the spine can reveal our state of mind and say more than we know. 

If you bend your back frequently, walk head down or with your shoulders down, you will have to start looking inside for what is causing you so much grief. 

Listening to our own body is essential in dealing with certain physical and mental problems we have. If you pay more attention to yourself, you can find that stability you crave so much.