Leo Daily Prediction for 4 November

Sunday’s Leo Forecast
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Getting to know the people close to you will prevent a lot of problems, especially if these can be related to issues from the past. 

You thought the relationship with that person would be idyllic, that you would understand each other with a simple look, but you realize that it's not like that. 

You might have some moments in which you think that you don't want to worry about this issue, there's nothing else you can do. The easiest option is probably throwing in the towel, well, not the easiest, but the most sensible one. The answer to that question you will only find at the bottom of your heart. 


Make the most of the day. This is how you are going to wake up on Sunday, prepared to make everything go as you'd like to. You're going through tense moments at an emotional and professional level; they are days that you feel that you can't do everything. 

A misunderstanding, an inappropriate word or a gesture you shouldn't have done can cause a big argument with someone close to you. Try to avoid arguments today, Leo, especially if it's with people that are from your same company or job position.


Bad mood will seem a constant. In one of those days when you wake up angry, controlling your strong character will be a problem that only you will be able to solve. It's just as important to stand firm as it is to keep walking on the same line.

Remember that in these cases no one knows yourself better than you do. Give yourself a whim, listen to your body and pay attention to what it's asking you for and give it to it. On the other hand, it will be one of those days in which you'd have liked to stay in bed all day.