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Leo Forecast for December 6

Prediction for Thursday
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You don't know or conceive of having a partner who isn't respectful to you. As the king of the jungle that you are, you know that only because you are who you are, you deserve to be treated specially, and this treatment has to include some admiration. 

You need to have the leading role in your relationship imminently, but you aren't going to demand what you need, you prefer looking for any excuse before recognizing which are your real intentions. 

The truth is that in a relationship there are always different aspects or points of view that don't fit in and it's time who will decide what effect these aspects will have on you both.


When you have money, you don't hesitate in spending it. It doesn't matter how much you earn; you always find the way of spending it all. Because according to you, everything you buy is necessary.

Skimping on expenses is something you avoid at all costs when it comes to satisfying your own needs and whims. Ironically, one of the problems you find yourself with is that when you have money you don't have as many opportunities to buy that when you don't have a penny. 

You better not listen to your wishes if you don't want to end up in a bad mood or suffering a serious bankruptcy. In this case, you'll find yourself with a situation that you could have prevented. 


Your defenses are going to improve little by little from now on. You will have a perfect health situation even though some people around you have a cold or the flu. 

In addition, it will be easy for you to get rid of physical annoyances in the case you have any. In short: pathogens aren't going to be any problem for you and your body will work wonderfully, making all symptoms disappear.