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You must understand that the person next to you can't give you the best of them every day. This is something natural, normal and understandable. Sometimes, even the highest and most resistant walls fall.

This means that, according to the Magic Horoscope, you should dedicate yourself today to having a nice gesture towards that person that you love so much and show them that, as he or she is next to you no matter what, you are also there for them.

Something that will make the other person realize how much you love them will be more than enough. You might help them feel better that way. It's a nice way of giving back what that person has given you.


You can start filling your bag up with papers with notes written by hand of the money you spend during the day. However, this idea isn't practical and you know it's something you aren't going to be updating every time. 

When you have a big challenge in front of you, you try to start by the small things, but this time it seems that you are planning a wrong strategy. 

It's wise to put things right, Leo, and more when we do it by our own initiative and not because others have seen our mistakes. In the end, learning means identifying our mistakes and correcting them ourselves. 


While some days you think that everything bad happens to you, other days you can discard that absurd idea with real conviction. Is it because sometimes you like feeling sorry for yourself?

Be careful because in the fight against you and your own thoughts you'll often lose, especially if you're young. You don't have to be in a constant battle against yourself, sometimes the best way of making some inside conflicts disappear consists in not taking any notice of them.