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If you hear the word love, the image of a person comes to mind. If you can't help smiling when you think about that person, what other signs do you need to realize that you're in love?

You might be afraid of starting a relationship or giving the key to your heart to another person, a fear that you have because of a bad experience in the past and more or less recent. 

Love is not always the same, so stop hiding your feelings. You deserve an opportunity, and you mustn't be afraid of starting a new relationship, each person provides us with some experiences and completely different moments. 


Start the weekend and with it, your most feared moment. There are two hectic days before which you have no choice but to deal internally with tension and stress and at the same time, try to show your best face.

Slow but steady, you'll have to row for the sake of the group and make sure everyone ends things in a good note. No one said it would be easy, but you must remind yourself that lions like you can overcome any obstacles. 

In fact, surely, when you start seeing that everything is going well and that you have everything under control, you'll feel much more comfortable and satisfied with the situation. 


A short walk through a place that you really like will do you good. You'll have the chance to switch off a bit and to order your ideas, as well as to gather momentum and move forward.

A natural environment, such as a beach, a park or the field, could give you the peace you need. Take it as an obligation, as it's going to be very necessary for you to connect with everything that surrounds you differently and enjoy time for yourself.