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You love looking at yourself; you have great self-esteem. However, in spite of what you appear to be, it seems that inside you the reality is very different and that what you are trying to do is hide your insecurity.

When you find the best way of loving yourself, the one that your heart needs, you'll be able to open up to the rest. If instead, you continue accumulating insecurities and judgments, it will be hard for you to end this sentimental losing streak. 


Spending less has been the leitmotiv for this weekend. An attitude that seems to be bothering some people and that is going to cause an argument with a member of your family. 

Comparing products, looking for the most economical alternative or doing without some comforts is something that nearly everyone does. Even so, it's true that everyone's criterion isn't the same and not everyone will agree with your decisions. 

Even though you are convinced that quality is nearly the same in most of the products you see in the market, regardless of the brand, you will find that this will give you more than a headache.


In your eagerness to save money and keep practicing those activities you love so much, you'll find a way to fit the two pieces together and find a solution that you find satisfying. 

This means that you have to remind yourself that when you really want something, there's no place for excuses. If, for example, you don't want to stop playing sports, but you can't afford a gym, go for a run or look for an exercise board that you can do at home. 

If you want something, you'll have to start proving it. When you don't get the results you expect, the only reason behind it is the lack of consistency.