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When you want, you're able to make yourself look like the most opaque and least transparent being on planet Earth. You boast about being honest and not caring about sharing your feelings; you now see that your convictions are knocked down when a problem really worries you.

Loneliness isn't a symptom that something is going necessarily wrong, Leo. If you don't feel like talking to anyone today, don't worry. However, there's a possibility that your attitude could annoy your partner a bit. 

For this reason, you have to face today this way: Avoid rude gestures and conflicts!


You are an organized person, but not hugely. That is why today it's going to be difficult for you to find those files that you kept a long time ago "just in case."  However, there's no use saving things if you're not going to find them when you need them. 

Take a deep breath because what will happen to you today isn't a catastrophe. You're going to have a hard time getting started on a day when everything seems like an obstacle, but that feeling will disappear as you solve other issues.

Even if you want to spend time checking every corner of your desk and folders on the computer, you won't find what you're looking for, as it's in a totally unexpected place and its discovery will take place within a while.


Those irregularities at a hormonal level that knock on your door from time to time can come back today.  Some signs indicate you that these sudden mood changes don't come from anything, something must be happening for your mood to change from 0 to 100 in a few seconds. 

If you feel other symptoms aren't usual for this period of the year, you better go to a specialist. You might be surprised to discover some answers that didn't seem to be clear. 

This doesn't mean that you have to worry about it because nothing horrible is going to happen to you. It's just a small wake-up call from your organism, a warning that tells you the importance of doing some changes, so everything works better.