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Leo Daily Prediction for 9 December

Sunday's Leo Forecast
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Let the lyrics of your favorite songs invade you and let your most romantic and sentimental side take control of you and come to light. Reveal all your feelings to that person you are so in love with: the stars are going to favor today one of those encounters that will make history. 

You are going to dance one of your favorite songs, and you'll do it together with that person, a dance that will generate that bond that will prove you're made for one and other. 

In the case of single Leos, the best thing will be that the most skeptics start breaking that shield. If you don't believe in love at first sight, you'd better look away when you meet that person that will catch your eye soon. Love is in the air!


Making money is not a matter of scratching a piece of paper and waiting for something to happen. As much as you want, the stars of the Magic Horoscope recommend you not to leave everything to chance, because in the same way there are days when it's in your favor, today will be the opposite. 

Avoid visiting sports betting websites, going to betting-shops or casinos and, above all, run away from bingo. The lottery, on the other hand, is very complicated to win and no matter how many tickets you have, during this weekend the truth is that you have fewer numbers than the rest.

The only way of having everything under control is having a job that not only allows you to survive but to face every month expenses. Look for a part-time job or something that will enable you to increase your earnings, for now; it's the only resource you can bet on.


Inactivity during this weekend is worrying, Leo. You are that kind of person that is always full of energy and willing to do things, it's strange that it's complicated for you to get up.

Desperation and frustration can get to a very high point today. Control your bad mood, as much as you try; the stars will ruin your day. No matter how angry you get, you're not going to get the hands on the clock to spin slower.