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The moon will influence you, and it will be in a very beneficial way for your emotional relationships. 

This means that you're going to look at your partner differently, from a more passionate and sentimental perspective. The passionate Leo is going to come to come out to light again so get ready to live exciting days.

On the other hand, the adventure of starting a serious commitment is still going to seduce Leos, that run the risk of being too impulsive. Try to be patient and let time take its course. Remember that good things come to those who wait. 


Money isn't a problem if you have a privileged mind or your relatives can live freely. You've always had a job, you've always been there looking for opportunities, but you've never been able to achieve the standard of living that you'd like to have.

It seems as though, after so much time, you will still have that doubt that you've always had about whether you've done the right thing when accepting the offers of some companies. If you think your job is not being recognized, that doubt is going to come up again. 

The truth is that you're not the only person with that concern. The fact is, Leo, that even though you feel you deserve more than you have, sometimes in life you just have to accept what you have achieved and be happy with that. 


You don't like cloudy days when you can't see the Sun all day. For a Leo native who is ruled by the king of the sky, living in the dark is not the best thing to do. 

It also seems that this bad weather is starting to make your body change. Perhaps your organism doesn't adapt to the new climatic conditions and today you will feel that this is beginning to take its toll on you.

There are a lot of possibilities that today, towards the last hours of the afternoon, you have a headache that makes you fear you're starting to have a cold. Try to stay at home and rest as much as you can if you want to avoid it.