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You have a great ability to change opinion, as long as they give you some arguments that you consider plausible.  You are sometimes influenced by what others think and not by your own feelings, in everything that has to do with love

Be careful because bad advice about a situation that has been given more importance than you think can end up becoming a serious problem in your relationship.

In love relationships, the important thing is to trust each other. If you think someone else's opinion is more important than the trust you have on each other, you might have to think about the situations with your partner. 


It's going to be a hectic day at work today. You'll go from one place to another without knowing if you'll have time to do everything. 

Be careful with the last-minute external orders and don't try to do more than you can cope with because it won't be good for you. More than once, you'll have to say no, or you'll end up having an enormous amount of work that it will be impossible for you to finish. 

At some point, you might lose your patience and have the feeling that you're blocked. When it's over, breathe and count to ten and start again. Sometimes, a short break can make you more productive than you think.


If it weren't difficult enough to deal with all the work, you are going to suffer very high levels of stress that can lead you to a constant headache.

Looking forward with energy and strength isn't going to be easy, but you'll get over it once you realize that your main concerns are issues that are repeated almost daily and that you know how to resolve easily.

So stop punishing yourself for all those things that don't depend on you.  It will be useless to blame yourself for situations that are out of your hand and your control.