Leo daily horoscope
Leo daily horoscope | magicalhoroscope.com


Your behavior in love today will be a little atypical considering the sign that you are governed by.If you usually look for the company of that person, today you will want to be away from them as long as possible.

You need your space and you don't really know what for, and today not even your good mood will be with you. When a Leo is quieter and more distant than normal, as if you were stalking your prey before hunting it, there's something that is changing inside you. Be careful with the storm you are about to unleash.


The week comes strong on the workplace. You've discovered what until now was an open secret and what a surprise it has been for you! Even though it is not something that affects the job, but it's rather a good news that has to do with a colleague, the truth is that it has put the company upside down.

As a result of this, within a few weeks, you'll have to be in charge of new tasks that, to be honest, you are a bit afraid of. You will wonder why the bosses have decided to distribute the tasks of that person among a few, instead of looking for a temporary substitute, but you should know that this circumstance may be more beneficial than you initially believe.


Those bad ways! Indeed, the best thing today is that no one comes near you. You won't look for company but you won't have any either: this is what happens when you scowl at the rest of the world, as if you didn't like their presence.

With that face, nobody will get near you to care about how is a lion that seems willing to bite anyone who gets very close to it feeling. It's true that it's a passing mood, but the way you started the week couldn't be worse. Be careful, you know that you can't allow yourself to be submitted to these levels of tension, it's not good for your health.