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The astral prediction for Leo for Tuesday 30 January

The complete horoscope prediction on health, money and love
Leo daily horoscope |


The symbol of the lion that represents the king of the zodiac is none other than the lion of Nemea, the animal that Heracles had to kill on his way in the twelve labors. The Greek hero, of impenetrable skin, was helped by the goddess Athena to skin the lion. Thereafter, Heracles wore the skin of the lion as armor and its head as a helmet. It was Zeus who, after his death, raised him to heaven.

Today you will feel that your heart is covered with an armor as impassable as the skin of the lion you are governed by. When a Leo gets angry, especially because of love, no one should stand in their way.


You’re in luck! Your bosses can’t believe the work you did yesterday and they won’t just congratulate you. You didn’t know but there is a vacancy for a more responsible position and they’re going to count on you as a possible substitute.

If you want to have the job, you better keep on working as well as you are and exerting yourself every day as if it was the first one. You don’t get anything for nothing and the moment has come when you do whatever you have to so you can get to the top where you’re longing to be.   


Dreams are more important than we first think, because they hide messages that our mind sends to us and it has a lot to do with how we feel or how we confront some situations.

Dreaming of being attacked by a stranger, for example, represents that we feel stressed, vulnerable and that we need help because we’re going through changes and uncertainties in our lives.

If during the dream you are able to defend yourself, it means you are close to freeing yourself from those worries. If, on the contrary, you can’t defend yourself, you’ll realize you have been manipulated or negatively influenced by the people around you.