December Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Take control of your relationships

During this month, you are going to have to be very attentive to all kinds of interference from family and friends who aren't really your friends.

December brings, during the first days, difficult communication problems that are going to give you some headaches. You have to look after yourself as much as possible the first weekend when the influences of Mercury are still alive.

Try taking control when it comes to letting yourself be influenced by gossip or confusing messages. You might have to clarify some issues that out your actions under moral judgments.

Leo, use your strength, your eloquence, and your attractiveness to calm the environment. Taking offense at your greatness isn't going to make things better. Act with confidence in the power of love.

Take the initiative in the art of conquest, and when making up with the person, you love. Don't be afraid, the Sun and Jupiter will illuminate you this month. 

Money: Balances for the year

When the year is coming to an end you can look back. And Leo, your year has been quite intense. 

You have learnt a lot with the orbital node in your sign, you have achieved a lot of your expectations, and you have a lot more to plan and carry out. 

December is a month for planning tasks, obligations and aims. Money should be managed conciously, so you don't suffer any unpleasant surprises.

You don't have much time either, Leo. This is why it is essential to keep the agenda in a precise way and not allow distractions during the second fortnight of the month.

A surprise comes that benefits your professional life. Let someone older accompany you with their experience.

Health: Your body calls for peace

Imagine you could find your ideal mental state. That everything is calm and that your needs are fulfilled. You would feel wonderfully well; you wouldn't have ailments or disturbances. But, Leo, perfection doesn't exist, and you know. 

You have to learn to control your impulses and your nerves. You can handle stress, and this is basic, so you balance your health. Remember that your integrity also includes your emotional life. 

This December, regulate the intake of alcohol. Try following a diet rich in fiber and vitamin B. Take your time to prepare your food or look for a service that sells healthy food. Learn to discriminate what suits you. And you will be able to enjoy a great New Year's Eve.

Altered nerves and a sedentary attitude can play tricks on you, affecting your blood pressure and your spine, among other things.