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Full Leo Magic Horoscope Forecast for Sunday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 25th February
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You feel proud of having had a lot of relationships, even if you don't recognize it in front of some people. 

The most passionate sign of the zodiac also boasts about being a Casanova that always gets the person they want.

Today you'll have the opportunity of reliving all these conquests during a very interesting talk to a close friend.

That recognition to the "hunter" that has made a lot of people interested in him or her will be what really motivates you.


Stress will reappear when you can't find a solution to your financial problems, don't have enough time to dedicate yourself to it so it's impossible for you to reconcile your personal life with your professional one.

This Sunday seemed a good occasion for it, but it will be completely impossible. You have too many issues to solve and if you want to put some order in your life, it would be better if you dedicated this day to all those things that you have been dragging for days.

Don't worry too much today about solving this imbalance in your family bank account, you'll discover what has happened when you have the time.


That moment when you think you can't breathe, will be a simple illusion. Your head will tell you that you can't do certain things but it couldn't be more wrong.

Breathe relaxed and control the situation, prove to yourself that this is not at all like this. You will come out of that situation with even more self-confidence - if that's possible - and feeling proud of having learned an important lesson.

Devote the last hours of the afternoon to do some sport, it will all be benefits: besides feeling satisfied, you will relieve tensions and you will get some extra energy to face this new week that is just around the corner.