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Leo Magic Horoscope Prediction for October

Your Horoscope for October 2018
October Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: You'll look for that "someone" that makes you happy

Love is a feeling that we have to look after every day for it to get bigger. However, it's also essential that you are at peace with your emotions, an issue that you'll have to deal within the next few days. 

This month of October will be characterized by the search of that "something" that makes you feel happy, whether you're single or not.

The mission will be more straightforward for those Leos that share their lives with someone: both you and your partner will enjoy a good moment in your relationship, and you'll start to dream about taking an important step in your relationship that consolidates your commitment.

So much energy will end up bringing to light your most impulsive side: on the one hand, you want to captivate your partner and fill them with attention and details with which you can show that person how much you love them and on the other hand, you will feel very impatient.

Some single Leos are going to live some hectic days during this month, because of some changes at an emotional level and a discovery that can take a radical turn in their lives. 

Money: It's time to save

Regarding work, the first week of the month you're going to start with enough energy as to face all the responsibilities you have to fulfill. In general, you're going to live some days full of a lot of positive energy that will make everything go very well.

However, as days go by, you'll have to slow down and say "no" more than once. If you don't, you'll end up having so much work that you won't be able to finish it. 

Regarding your domestic economy, this month you'll be in charge of organizing it all: you'll have to plan your expenses and your income and, above all, you'll have to look for the most economical conditions you can opt for. 

Around the middle of the month, you'll find yourself with some changes in the working aspect, and you'll also end up being splashed with a series of financial problems from someone close to you.

The Magic Horoscope advice is that this month you dedicate part of your time to value the option of starting a savings plan and you study the way of amortizing your debts as soon as possible.

Health: Leave lousy mood aside

You're not going anywhere with your bad mood, Leo, so the best thing will be that you leave it aside because it won't do you any good. As much as you think that the situation is too much for you, you'll have to try to keep smiling. 

The month starts with a problem related to a relative's health, and the instability of your emotions can make you live an unpleasant situation that will only make the situation worse. 

Fortunately, you are not expected to suffer any significant illness or discomfort, except for a few migraines caused by the stress and tension of everyday life.

Once you remember that your main worries are issues that repeat themselves nearly every day and that you should stop punishing yourself; you'll feel able to look forward with mood and strength. 

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