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Astral prediction for Leo for Thursday, February 1st

Magical horoscope prediction for Leo
Leo daily horoscope |


In a relationship there’s always time for everything and you don’t want to realize that in yours there’s barely time to get swept up in passion.

However, this time you won’t look for culprits or bring out your bad temper. Instead, you will do everything possible to create the right moment and you will do it with imagination and spontaneity. Stop conventionality!

Having sexual relationships when you go to bed at night is neither the moment nor the place for you. And the fact is that variety is the spice of life. You need a little emotion in your life and above all, a break from routine.


Gathering information about job opportunities that a foreign country can offer you is a sign that something is changing inside you. Spending a period of time in another country will help you improve your knowledge about the language and when you come back you will have a more extensive and specialized curriculum.

This option is going to be perfect for those Leos that don’t have any ties, especially for those who are already beginning to glimpse the end of their student days.


No wonder that a Leo's worst fear is to stay still. Although we are used to the image of lions lying in the hot sun of the Savanna and that sometimes people governed by this sign may sin by being somewhat lazy, they do not like to feel imprisoned at all.

In fact, this is something that causes you enough worry to suffer an anxiety attack. In this case you may find the reason for all that concerns you: time passes and the feeling you have is that you’ve given up pursuing your dreams and hopes.