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Leo Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 24th February

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Leo, you are all passion and that can be a problem if the other person is not able to follow your instincts and satisfy your needs.

With the weekend and the fact of being able to enjoy your free time your animal instinct will awaken, you will want to bring out your most daring side and experience new sensations with your partner in bed.

Seeing your intentions frustrated is not something that's in your plans and if that happens, you may look for other ways to achieve your goal. Be very careful if you decide to go that way, you may find more problems than benefits.


There's no way of controlling some things and even if you try, there will always be some expenses that you didn't have your mind on.

You are going to live a situation full of instability, because the management of financial resources that you have at home is happening unevenly.

It's not possible for a family member to have a higher standard of living than the others, there is something that's not working and you wont's stop until you discover what this is all about.

Those things that are more important present serious difficulties and secondary things seem to be a priority. The way in which the economic resources are administered and distributed will depend on whether or not you can get to the end of the month.


Controlling that part of your body that doesn't seem to give anything but problems requires some special care. You should listen to your body and decipher what it needs, you may have the answer closer than what you think, even if it is hidden in your head.

If the legs don't give you a break, change the type of clothes you use or give yourself a massage. Keeping your legs up can help but you have to be constant.