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To keep the flame of passion burning in a relationship, some people choose to make radical decisions and there is the possibility that one of the two is not prepared for them.

An idea that doesn't come out as expected can precipitate the end of a love relationship or be the reason of hurting the other person. Opening the relationship to other encounters may not be the best way to keep that flame burning.

Although you won't have any problem with it, remember that you must both agree. A relationship based on unilateral decisions is not sustainable. Pay attention to your partner's wishes, maybe you can find an alternative solution that both of you can enjoy.


Social networks and the Internet can become a downfall for a lot of people, especially when there are things that you have to deal with.

As if you didn't have enough work, issues to solve and decisions to make, you'll waste your time gossiping too much, looking for a way to avoid the stress that all these things you have to do have generated. 

The weekend is the best time to do whatever we want, but also it's a good time to do things that we couldn't do during the week. Don't end this week worse, it has already been full of ups and downs.


Circulation problems are not always visible and that is why it's difficult to become aware of them. They can start with constant headaches and continue with other symptoms, which are sometimes more related to other ailments.

When the problem gets worse, you can find some signs of it in your body, such as the appearance of varicose veins in your legs. You may be surprised to discover that you have some, go to your doctor to solve it as soon as possible.