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Leo Magical Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Wednesday

Find out Your Leo Horoscope for Today, 7th February
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The magnitude of Leo's annoyance is as unpredictable as their energy, which is what their impulsive temper is all about. A misunderstood sentence could cause them to get up in anger in a matter of seconds and lead them to unleash a real hurricane.

People around Leo will have to lead with this character, while Leo will have to do an examination of conscience. Is it so bad to get like this?

Remember that annoyance has led you to say things you have regret soon after, so today try to bite your tongue before ranting.


You seem like a completely different worker according to the shift you have to work on. You hate getting up early, you prefer staying in bed until you want and then take your time to clear your mind, something you can't allow yourself when you have to work first thing in the morning.

However, in the afternoons you are much more efficient and can concentrate more easily. Take into account this detail when choosing a shift or looking for a job if you are unemployed, productivity and results are everything in your professional life.


Repeat to yourself "relax" or "take it easy" while breathing deeply from the diaphragm, making slow but steady breaths. If you feel like it, you can also visualize a scene that transmits relaxation when you feel you are very angry.

The moon influence of these days is not making you any good and going from an extreme to the other, that is from anger to joy, doesn't allow you to fight the anxiety you have.

Look for the way to control those mood changes you keep having for days and focus on finding the relaxing technique that is best for you.