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Leo Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Monday

Find out Your Leo Horoscope for Today, 19th March
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A great treasure can be buried and kept in a privileged place. If you have a thorn stuck because of that love story that could have been but wasn't, today the stars will give you a second chance.

This means that you shouldn't be afraid and start looking for that person who meant a lot to you but who, due to circumstances, you couldn't get to know better.

Although it seems complicated to assume, sometimes those people who have so much or could sentimentally give us something don't come at the right time. However, sometimes fate gives us another chance.


The first thing you will want to do when you get to work is to get down to business: you are willing to do things your way, bring them that personal touch that only you know how to give them.

However, getting down to work won't be easy for you because of the amount of work that you'll have this morning. An early meeting can mean the breaking of all your plans.

If you manage well, you may get to fulfill all the things you want to do. However, this will involve delegating certain tasks to others, something that you won't like, a really controlling Leo like you.



Leos always have that tendency towards feeling sorry all the time, an attitude that a priori doesn't seem to match that image of successful and self-confident people that defines them.

However, it's precisely when things don't go as they expected when the mind of the Leo begins to gloat in this type of thoughts and that causes them to focus only on the negative aspects of situations.

Throughout this week you will have the opportunity to deal with frustration, Leo; a battle is difficult for you to win. Until then you won't be able to get rid of that state of tension in which you are submerged and that doesn't let you rest.