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Leo Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Sunday 4th March

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Engagement is a very important step in any person's life, an event that comes full of joy, thrill and hope. However, it also involves some "sacrifice" since you both have to make certain concessions.

If you aren't willing to give up or change that something that can prevent your relationship from lasting, it would be better if you don't take the step.

If after having made this decision things are going to stay as they are, it's possible that neither of you are fully aware of everything that implies the decision you have taken.


If you want to fulfill all your tasks you better get down to work as soon as possible. You usually tend to start with the easiest tasks and leave the most complicated ones for the end: big mistake.

That's when you realize you haven't got enough hours in the day and you that you've wasted your time. If you started with those tasks that require more effort, you would have enough energy to dedicate yourself to them.

At the end of the day, you will only have the easiest ones to do and you will be able to face them even if you're tired. The feeling of having managed to fulfill all those pending tasks will make you feel much better with yourself.


Although you're starting to feel some mild cold symptoms you are turning a deaf ear to your body and this can only bring you more problems.

You prefer being focused on you job or your personal life rather than on yourself and your health, even though you know you should not forget about the care your body needs.

Drink plenty of liquids and vitamin C and, as much as possible, rest and try to relax. The month of March is the most hectic one and you'll need to be fit enough to face everything that is going to come.