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The Friday January 26th Leo Stars Prediction

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Your love will be an endless source of energy during the weekend. You are already turned on thanks to your partner's loving and dedication. The union you share with that person is so powerful that will help you and people around you be better. The king of the Zodiac will feel full of energy and their will to succeed will increase.


This one will be a quiet Fridays for your finances. There won't be important changes which might create unexpected mishaps. You can't stop thinking about that new project but today you'll pay more attention to the way of developing it rather than the way of combining it with your labor life.

You'll discover that the deeper you go in the issue, the more motivated you become. With your expectations put in the weekend, it's likely that you even dare set up a date with the people involved in it.



The diet is a very important issue for your health and something which worries you too much. You suffer from scattered stages, weeks in which you feel decided to maintain a more balanced and health diet and weeks in which you think you're incapable of getting it.

Although your willpower is really high, sometimes you let yourself go by your impetus and gluttony. A wider dose of nutrients to your organism is something you need but, at the same time, you feel guilty after eating piles of food.

It won't play a negative role in your life as long as you keep on doing exercise. Once you assume it and stop worrying about it, you'll notice changes in your body. Your face will shine more often and better.

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