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The Saturday January 27th Leo Stars Prediction

Leo: Your Star Sign Revelations
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It'll be very hard for you to stand far from that person but you're aware it's the only thing you can do. For reasons which don't have anything to do with us, our plans don't always work the way we'd like, but there's no need to overdo it!

Instead of wandering around, you'd try to be a bit more positive. After all the support you've given to your partner lately it's understandable that you feel sensitive, but there are loads of activities you could do.

If you're single, stop blaming and enjoy your free time, either alone or with friends.


Work and everything related to your professional facet will be put in the background during the day. Having free time will lead you to consumerism and will leave a bittersweet feeling on you: you want to have many things and, however, your budget is not high.

The idea of writing a list of everything you want to buy might seem attractive, but don't let it control you: you know you don't need most of these things.


When comfort shows up, others will have to pull from you. Staying home will look like an obligation and you'll try to find excuses to justify your laziness. It's true that your week has been exhausting, but if you don't go out to breathe some fresh air, anxiety might come to you.

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