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The Sunday January 28th Leo Stars Prediction

Leo: Your Star Sign Revelations
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A Leo's passion might be overwhelming even for themselves. It's one of the most devoted signs to love, but sometimes being too devoted might be harmful for them. Living too intensely everything related to the relationship also implies suffering a lot if things don't work as we expected or if the other person doesn't act as we'd like to. A day full of heavy ups and downs is to come. Control your nerves if you don't want to do things you will regret afterwards.


If you try to do better in the company, it will be very beneficial for you. Although you know you'll reach your goals you have proposed for this month, today you could spend some time moving forward with your work and start the week free of extra work. There's something in you which you should highlight in order to make your bosses have a better impression on you.


The headache or stomachache you'll feel this morning has got an origin. Many times it's due to a kind of worry inside you, something which puts pressure on you and you don't dare face it. If you don't learn how to control and solve it, you risk suffering from an anxiety attack.

It's time for you to think about going to a professional to help you get rid of these fears which affect you so much.