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Leos possibilities as for love relationships might be overwhelming. Although they always speak their minds very clearly, it doesn't mean they can't change their opinions about a certain topic if they feel so.

What they search for after initial contacts is not to waste their time with something they don't want to have. And, to sum up, if there's something they don't like is playing hide-and-seek or creating fake expectations. After this phase, even with stability, they're still Don Juans as the very first day. However, at some point and in days like today, they're also keen on being loved.



Gaining the amount of hours you need to devote to that project you've just been proposed and with which you'll get extra incoming, won't be an easy task and will be the focus of your attention today.

It's probable that you consider asking for days off to go on a trip to hold completely to your new responsibility. You're sure you won't let this chance go, but you don't like the part in which somehow you must take time off your obligations.

Don't worry too much: in the end, it's not an immediate thing to do, you have more than enough time to organize yourself.


If you feel like eating but you're not sure if you're really hungry or not, the most efficient way to find it out is to answer the following question: Would you eat an apple?

If your answer is not a “yes”, you are rather bored than hungry. During these rest days because of fever and malaise, it's likely that your organism feels confused and asks you for more food than normal.