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Full Horoscope for Leo for This Coming Tuesday 11th September by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Tuesday
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



One of the biggest mistakes that you usually make as a Leo is that you only try to surround yourself with those people that flatter you and that because they are afraid of annoying you, they don't even dare to talk to you honestly.

In the end, in more than one occasion you have found that by your side there has been a person who only had a particular interest in you, but maybe they didn't really want you for what you are but for what you like to be.

Today you might feel disappointed in this sense, probably with a friend -or even a partner, although this is not so probable- that you thought was being honest with you and they preferred not telling you that you were making a mistake.


You're going to feel overwhelmed with your work obligations and it seems that all your colleagues have decided to take a few days off on the same dates. You will try to do everything possible to fulfill everything, but it will be very complicated for you.

There is no possible way to do so many things at once, Leo, don't overestimate yourself so much. You have to look for alternatives, such as asking for help and delegating certain tasks to other colleagues or directly postponing deadlines.

It's no use being in such a hurry to want to finish as soon as possible and cover so much that in the end, you can't finish anything. In the end, the only thing you will achieve is not to concentrate and make mistakes.


During this week the only think you'll feel like doing will be to switch off from the routine. The joy, the energy and the good vibrations that you need you can get them from other people, and the truth is that these energies will be determinant for your mood.  

Meet some friends to practice some sport, go out for a drink or even go out for dinner at your favorite restaurant. It'll give you the disconnection that yu really need and you'll also have some fun.