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Full Leo Magic Horoscope Forecast for Thursday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 13th September
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The movies that you invent about your relationship are the most interesting for third parties. It seems that you have a follower in your social networks especially interested in knowing each of your movements, what you do and with who.

It wouldn't hurt to check your privacy settings if you don't want to have a scare. It's important that you don't sell your intimacy or don't make a show of everything you do.

Any confrontation or fight with your partner, as well as any personal problem, it is better to treat it discreetly, without shouting it to the world. Someone could use it against you.


At work, there is still too much work for only one person to do. However, it seems that now that you have delegated some tasks to other colleagues and that you have organized yourself, the situation is more or less normal.

A similar scenario may be found by some Leos who are responsible for leading a business of their own. There are many people who are willing to find an opportunity in the market, why don't you consider the possibility of hiring an assistant?


Your nerves make you eat too much and that can even lead you to suffer some indigestion. All this, not to mention that addiction to chocolate that you seem to develop when the work intensifies.

When your body is subjected to more activity than normal, your body asks for more food with which to cope with the caloric expenditure, which is intensified.

If you don't want to get fat, drink more water, the more the better. In addition to staying hydrated, you will feel lighter and you will be able to satisfy a little the constant appetite that makes you assault the fridge every two minutes.