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Leo Magic Horoscope for 14th September

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When you are with someone that you're not really interested in, your patience is minimal. If you feel like changing a plan or doing something different, you just change direction and you leave.

The easiest solution, at least for today, is that you have some calm. Think about your objectives and try to treat that person the best way you can, look for the way of, at least, making a good impression and don't stand them up.


Today, having a daily budget with a limit to spend should be compulsory. Or at least, that is what you think. This way, you could distribute your salary evenly for each day of the month.

However, this would leave you without being able to afford large expenses that exceed your daily limit. When you have to deal with certain expenses, again and again, this idea is rather impractical.

Instead, today you'll have to resign yourself to ask for prices and compare budgets, especially if that alteration or purchase that you have in mind is going to mean an important expense. 

Don't just leave yourself to adventure, because you know that then there's always that relative, or friend, who got the same as you but cheaper and you'll regret it.


Until you don't focus on a specific aspect that you want to achieve, you won't fulfill any objectives. You tend to abandon your aims when you see that the results don't come when you would like them to come.

You don't do yourself any favor if you start blaming everyone and yourself that things aren't as you'd like them to be. This happens when you have too many aims at the same time and, in addition, you set them very high.