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Leo Forecast for Sunday 16th September by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Sunday
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Remember that people who have a positive mentality will attract similar people to them, while people who tend to be more negative will do the same with people who have a more pessimist character. 

Having this in mind, it might be good to give that friend an advice about their new romance, because it can end up influencing you negatively.

That person that they are getting to know might be from the negative side and that will end up affecting your friendship. They might make them spend too much time together and they might even feel jealous that they meet up with you.


To bring a new business or an innovative and different work plan to reality, you will need the collaboration of others. You probably already have some names in mind, selected from among your coworkers.

When creating a team, make sure they are professionals that are going to be up to the circumstances.  This way, you'll avoid problems and arguments. 

On the other hand, keep in mind that a leader isn't the one who imposes their ideas, but the one who convinces with their arguments. Maybe at the beginning, it's difficult for you to find a teamwork with which you feel comfortable, but at least it will show you how to identify those profiles you don't want to work with. 


Reacting in a bad way to a negative comment or to a criticism will make you feel very unstable and probably because of this today you end up with very low spirits. 

You should avoid very intolerant and rigid attitudes, Leo because in this period in which Mercury is retrograde you run the risk of suffering a small panic attack or even depression.