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Full Leo Magic Horoscope for Tuesday, 18th September

Full Forecast for Today, Tuesday
Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



It looks like you and your partner don't agree with each other in bed. If yesterday it was your partner who was trying to have an intimate moment and you said no to them, today it will be you who will be left wanting an intimate moment with your partner.

This situation can lead you to a serious argument with your partner, especially if you share your life with a Virgo, a Capricorn or a Scorpio. It will be easier for those Leo who has a Libra or a Gemini as a partner, as they will be more understanding. 


You don't like those people who seem to suck up to the bosses when it's someone who is from your same category, although the truth is that when it's you who is flattered the thing changes. 


It might seem a good idea for you to have an assistant to who transmit your knowledge and that they thank you with praises and honors that you think a king of the jungle like you deserves.

The truth is that having someone who offers you their support at work can be very useful to you. Guess who is going to hide their image of the all-powerful lion to become a sweet kitten when you go to talk to your superiors to talk about this idea. 


You can't allow family pressure to affect you. Although you feel strongly attached to them, the truth is that sometimes you feel that they take advantage of your position to impose a series of things that you don't like and today you won't be willing to give in.

If you want to enjoy life at 100% and always be happy, you need to put aside some episodes of the past and cut that umbilical cord that still binds you to your parents.

Maybe you will also get certain words that don't affect you so much and you will be able to express your own opinion without feeling guilty or afraid that they didn't like it.