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Full Horoscope for Leo for This Coming Wednesday 22nd August by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Wednesday
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Those who have as a partner a person born under an air sign -Gemini, Libra or Aquarius- will live a kind of rebirth in their relationship because these natives begin to wake up after a long period of lethargy.

Maintaining your relationship will become a priority for both of you, so love will become the main axis of your lives now.

No matter what happened in the past, you will be willing to give a second chance to that special person because you understand that everyone makes mistakes.



Leading a team isn't easy but you, in general terms, are quite good at it. It's something you often brag about, because your employees, rather than like a boss, they see you as a leader, something very positive for you.

However, today you may go a bit too far when it comes to keeping up appearances. A failure of the Leos is that you tend to be very clear when it comes to the mistakes of others but very benign when you have to judge your own mistakes.

Although this is an issue that you should reflect on and change your attitude, for the moment the first thing you should do is to contain yourself and to emphasize in keeping up appearances.

Be careful with your way of reacting if someone in your work is wrong and hide that bad mood because it can make you feel embarrassed.



Don't leave for the last minute your visits to specialists, such as the dentist. You are probably having some problems in your mouth and if you don't attend them they will get worse.

Now the solution is simple but if you postpone it, what is easy will become a delicate and complicated issue. Remember that in health issues most of the ailments are easily solved if they are treated on time.