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A thin red line that you can see separates friendship from love. It's a very fine line, but that you create in your mind to avoid yourself another disappointment. 

However, this, sometimes, has led you to miss the opportunity to get to know someone who could be of your interest. 

If you are single, the stars of the Magic Horoscope recommend you that you eliminate that line immediately and that you allow that person who is at the other side to cross it.

In life, more than once you will see that you have to risk to be able to win. And that is something that shouldn't unnerve a Leo as brave as you are.


In days like today, in which you have everything well organized and you feel that you are who controls the situation, you wouldn't want to change jobs even if they offered it to you.

Get ready because this is probably what you're going to receive today. In a day in which you will find yourself too well, with everything ready and controlled, you might receive an offer or proposal that you will reject.

The first thing you think when you receive the proposal is that changing jobs will mean that you have to adapt to a new place again, something you won't be willing to do.

However, it would be better to move away from that perspective and not see things only from your comfort zone. Don't close the door to anything today and instead of giving a negative and clear answer, ask for a little margin to assess the different options.


Insect bites are your worst nightmare, especially if that insect is a mosquito that has been bothering your ear for hours.

You will have to pay special attention to what type of mosquito bites you today, since the consequences of the bites of some species can bring you more harmful complications than you think.

Maybe you even need to go to your emergency doctor and take medication to alleviate its effects.