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They say that those who know the difference between "emotion", "feeling" and "physical attraction" will never be deceived in love, because they will know exactly what to expect and what not to expect from the other person, without any doubt.

This is a learning that you, Leo, seem to have more or less acquired and that you will have the opportunity to teach others in the near future, even becoming a sort of "love adviser" for your closest friends.

Don't forget that for this it's very important that you trust in your capacity to put yourself in the place of the other, or what is the same, in your empathy. And, above all, knowing how to say certain things with delicacy.



Put your imagination to work and don't discard those ideas that are coming to your head because you can find the dream opportunity in the most unexpected place, especially if you are unemployed.

You want with all your strength to achieve that economic independence that doesn't seem to come, it's not always enough with wanting it, Leo: well you know that you have to go for it.



As you know, Leo, the whole Universe and what is part of it is formed by energy, which means that we also have that energy that, in one way or another, affects others and ourselves.

It seems that you are living with a person whose energy is too negative and that can affect you more than you think, especially if that person purposely directs their bad energies towards us.

In order to protect yourself from this, always try to carry a quartz with you, either inside a bag, in a pocket or even as a complement to a jewel such as a ring or necklace since it's a very powerful stone that neutralizes all the negativity of the environment that surrounds it.