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The fire element and people born under the signs that are part of it are radiant, ardent and expressive people. In a month when everything is favorable, you will find that a new feeling begins to emerge in you.

And you will start to wonder if you like the possibility of increasing the family. Be honest and answer with your heart. If so, take advantage of the decline of your month par excellence to make your dreams come true and fill your life with new illusions.


During the period from August 29 to September 16, your regent star, the Sun, will be placed in a retrograde position which means that you may feel a bit lost and absent-minded.

Make sure that you control all the appointments and commitments you have, especially in the workplace and be careful with the hours that the programs, as a time when unpunctuality can be the main character if you don't organize yourself correctly is approaching.

In fact, if you think it is necessary, don't hesitate to take note of your obligations and even get an agenda if you do not have one. If you forget about it, you may lose a great economic opportunity that you will regret.


From time to time it doesn't hurt to do a little cleaning of energies at home, Leo, since it's precisely this environment with which we connect in a more intimate way and its energy influences us in how our life develops in general, especially in everything that has to do with our physical and mental health.

A good way to clean our home of these "negative" energies is to put a glass -clear glass- with water, a third of white vinegar and a third of salt in the room we want to clean. After 24 hours, empty your content outside your home.