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Just a small change of attitude is all you need to find the way that will take you to happiness, Leo. This is a day of reconsideration in which you might realize that, sometimes, giving in is not that bad.

If you're still thinking about a heartbreak -a recent one or from the past- you won't be able to live your present. Realize that time is relative and that, sometimes, the pain or the feeling of being offended lasts the time that we allow it to.


You know that if you have a positive and direct attitude, there will be no obstacles that could block your pass. This Monday you'll have to prove in front of your colleagues that you can overcome any barrier, Leo.

Get rid of everything that doesn't make you any good and, if necessary, get away from those conflictive people because if you do so you'll be able to keep your position and your prestige in your professional field.

Sometimes you have to take a stance to one side or another, even though it's something that we don't really like. In a field like yours, the most advisable is that you are faithful to your principles instead of dedicating yourself to change opinion. 



Try resting a bit more, because your everyday worries and concerns can take their toll on you and end up causing you an hormonal adjustment, especially if you're a woman. 

It's a good day for relaxation and to bet on relaxing treatments such as massages. Think that, in the end, even if there are some issues in your day to day life that you don't have the power to decide about, you can take control and decide the way you want to face the situation.