Leo Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You might find yourself with a proposal that will be unusual. Don't discard it, but if you think you need it, don't hesitate in asking for a bit of time to think about the answer: the other person will wait until you are sure.

On the other hand, when making the decision, don't forget that, sometimes, what we first reject could end up becoming the passion of our lives.


You will hear certain comments from people in your work environment that you won't like at all. The stars recommend that you don't pay attention to these hurtful words, which come from frustrated people who only seek to flood others with negativity thinking that they will feel better about themselves.

Sometimes, we receive nonsensical criticism and hurtful comments resulting from emotions as negative as jealousy that reflect only a way of manifesting that have the inner problems of others.

In this way, some people think that they will get rid of that strong negative energy load. The best way to protect yourself from it is to keep your eyes focused on your goals and your own life.


In the course of the next week and until next Thursday, just when seven days have passed since today's date, you should pay attention to a warning sent by the stars, Leo: don't put your health at risk. If a hunch or intuition tells you not to do something, don't hesitate in listening to your own instincts.

Your inner self will be in charge of telling you what is best for you and safeguarding yourself from any problem. Relying on yourself and on your intuition, you will save many visits to the doctor.